Ru’s Diamond Facial

Combination of excess of sebum, and polluted and environment and wrong foods
habits create a unique stressed look on the skin. Our skin looks oily dirty
Diamond facial maintain the right ph balance and remove the ill effect of pollution
and provides coolness to the face, it electromagnetic particles helps the skin
by removing dark particles, which are harmful for skin.

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“No Hypocrisy of being Expensive to be Luxurious”

Our professionally trained team of Therapists, Beauticians & Hair Dressers are committed and fully dedicated towards our guests who visit us. They are known for their excellent services. Even your one time visit in RU’S Beauty Care would shower you with a bunch of services which will prove to be highly professional, soothing and informative. We cater to your needs while accommodating you in a healthy and clean ambiance.

We promise personal attention & consideration to every individual and great importance of our valued customers. We offer beauty services on a phenomenal competitive price which makes you feel happy and worth visiting to your pocket. Whether you aspire for a lush beginning of your day, a peaceful evening or a weekend break out, RU’s Beauty Care is a perfect place that takes care of your complete body needs.

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